Stephen, Anthony and the Tour de France

Posted On August 30, 2019

When my brother Steve said to me in April “we should follow the Tour de France next year!” I’m pretty sure I said “Great! What sort of motorbike will you be riding?!”

We had last ridden road bikes in our 20’s, when heavy chromoly bike frames were king, and woollen jerseys and toe clips were cool. After a quick search on the web and realising how much times had changed, Steve and I decided we needed help.

That’s when we stuck our head in the door of North Fitzroy Cycles, we needed to learn about the latest bike technology. We introduced ourselves to Alfie, who immediately made us feel welcome and took the time to understand our cycling plan and needs.

Alfie talked us through our bike options – materials, comfort, price, and quality – and his encyclopaedic knowledge from 20+ years of racing and riding was immediately apparent.

Alfie recommended to us the Felt F85, a high quality, lightweight and comfortable bike. Perfect for us as we started riding and counting miles in our legs!

The North Fitzroy Cycles weekly shop ride has been a great way to make friends and meet fellow enthusiasts and it’s great to get out for a fun social ride on a Saturday morning. Even if Alfie never stops talking!

Felt F85

Lou, Tim, Jon and Alfie from North Fitzroy cycles always have great advice about bicycle set-up, clothing and equipment choices, and training. We’ve been looked after every step of the way with bike adjustments and accessories, and Steve and I are very grateful for the support from the whole North Fitzroy Cycles team.

We’re now planning a bunch of riding events in Victoria before next July. What started out as a mission for the Tour de France has become a fun way to exercise and get fit, and we’ve already met fellow enthusiasts and friends in just a few weeks.

Alpe d’ Huez, here we come!

Steve and Anthony.

The Tour de France is a grueling race,
covering 3,329 kilometres it will take the riders 21 days to complete. The race will include cobbled sections, intense climbs and blistering descents. 

The Tour is one of the most famous bike races in the world, known for it’s difficulty.

The route of the Tour de France

Le Tour



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