Basso Diamante SV Italy 51 CM (Frameset only)

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Product Description

Designed for the aerodynamic position lovers. Its aerodynamic tubes are able to cut through the air like blades so that rear turbulence is almost non-existent. Already prized for it’s lightness, superb handling in extreme rides and fantastic downhill performance the latest Diamante SV has become even better. Improved the air penetration by designing new tube shapes, and reactivity by making a straight blade front fork. Also applied the new system with double pivot brake fixing. And much more.

Diamante SV introduces the “3B-BASSO” clamp system. The seat clamping is totally masked and invisible on the frame. Not only nice to look at but also technically innovative. The 3B-BASSO triple point fixing becomes a solid structure between seat-post and seat-tube. This system is slim, invisible and strong. In addition to all of this the extra rubber gusset in connection with the 3B-BASSO has an anti vibration function which anyone can appreciate on rough surface roads.


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  1. Hand-built in Italy
  2. Custom builds available
  3. The frame is U.C.I. approved
  4. Electronic Gearing Ready
  5. Monocoque frame without aluminium reinforcement parts
  6. Semi-integrate front fork/frame/stem/headset
  7. Comfortable: You can obtain a 2 cm higher handlebar position maintaining the frame’s characteristics of rigidity
  8. Aerodynamic shapes for maximum air penetration
  9. 3B triple point clamp and rubber gusset


Basso Diamante SV Italy (Frameset only) Basso Diamante SV Italy (Frameset only)
Basso Diamante SV Italy (Frameset only) Basso Diamante SV Italy (Frameset only)

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