The Felt Bicycles Story

Felt Bicycles

In the beginning…..

Felt Racing is an American bicycle manufacturer based in Irvine, California. Felt produces road, mountain, track, BMX, cyclocross, electric bicycles, and cruiser bikes. All design is completed in the USA and most of production comes from Asia. The company also has a strong reputation in time trial and triathlon. For several years, Felt provided bicycles to UCI teams in the Tour de France. Felt still supports several professional level race teams including Hincapie Racing, Holowesko-Citadel, and Team Twenty 16.

Felt was founded by Jim Felt in early 1994 and on February 3, 2017, Rossignol Group announced the acquisition of Felt Bicycles. The announcement noted that Felt had grown to $60 million in sales revenue.


Felt Bikes began out of a desire for more speed – and they have yet to slow down. Jim Felt worked as a mechanic for motor cross racer, Johnny O’ Mara. O’Mara, like many of today’s Moto Racers, trained for his motocross races by participating in bike races as well as triathlons. O’mara asked Jim for a bike specifically geared for his triathlon ambitions. Jim obliged and had some amazing ideas for seat height and aerodynamics that he was itching to put together. These ideas proved to be on point with O’Mara showing great improvements in speed in his pursuing triathlons.

Jim’s work garnered the attention of Easton Sports and soon Jim Felt and Easton Sports began working together. In the 1991 Kona Ironman, Paula Newby-Fraser won riding on a bike put together by Felt. This was a huge win for Felt and Paula Newby-Frasier and the catalyst for Jim Felt starting his own company.

1994 saw Felt partner with Answer Products to produce Felt bikes but by 2000, a need to expand caused Jim Felt to look to a new team to pursue his dream. Thus, a biking legend was born. The new team consisted of Jim Felt and two long-time friends, Michael Mϋllman (a European Bike Distributor) and Bill Duehring (An experienced bike industry insider with Global distribution networks). Their vision was to “build a bike brand dedicated to technology, innovation and quality” and design, develop, and deliver the best bicycles in the world. Period.

A technologically sound company….

Felt headquarters is in Irvine, California but distributes to 27 different countries. Felt bikes are manufactured in Taiwan with all research and development taking place at the Felt Irvine headquarters. Jim Felt plays a part in every decision made in the bikes design process. Felt undertake a unique design, research and development process which is unlike anything that other major bike brands use. The usual process is to design and build a bike and test its aerodynamics, speed, etc. Felt produce a prototype – testing its aerodynamics, the yaw and every possible scenario – because no one rides a bike in a sterile lab set up. Felt uses CFD technology (Computational Fluid Dynamics), the same technology used for racing yachts and Formula 1 racing. CFD allowsEngineers to see and analyze the wind flow and pinpoint what areas are causing drag and then apply the data to the frameset to produce optimal aerodynamics, or as Felt likes to say deliver “Free Speed” for the rider! Once the initial testing is complete and the numbers add up, the bike frame is then laid into the carbon molds. The bike is put together and tested again in real world scenarios by former pro riders, current elite athletes and the team at Felt. Once all this feedback and information is scrutinized and very detail is checked, tested and re-tested. Every possible scenario is taken into consideration and only then, is a bike put into production, forming what will always be a highly functioning work of art.

In addition to this, Felt has developed several unique bicycle technologies. For its time trial/triathlon bikes, Felt has developed the Bayonet Fork, which utilizes an external steerer in front of the head tube for additional stiffness and aerodynamic efficiency. Felt has also developed the Equilink suspension system for its full-suspension mountain bikes.

Every Pro Athletes dream….

In 2007 Felt sponsored the Slipstream–Chipotle bicycle team. In 2009, Felt signed a three-year agreement to supply frames to the Garmin–Slipstream team. Felt bikes were ridden to Stage victories and Top ten overall in the Tour De France as well as countless other wins in the World Tour. From 2012 to 2013 Felt Bicycles was the bicycle sponsor for Argos–Shimano with team rider Marcel Kittel winning four stages of the 2013 Tour de France. In 2014 Felt became the bike sponsor to the US Continental team, Hincapie Sportswear Development Team. Felt has also supported many individual athletes, including Daniela Ryf , Mirinda Carfrae, Sarah Hammer and Tim DeBoom.

Jim Felt started out by answering the call for speed. He has never stopped since and continues the quest to remain at the top. Sacrificing nothing in his quest for the best, Jim Felt has a history of award winning bikes that surpass all others. There is no looking back, except for improvements sake, instead the focus is on refining bikes using ever advancing technology, constant testing and trials, user feedback and undeniable results. Jim Felt and Felt Bicycles will continue to push the limits to produce the very best, most efficient, quality, fastest bikes for the world.

The Felt Brand Story

Top Five Bike Routes In and Around Melbourne

You asked for it! Here is North Fitzroy Cycle’s take on the 5 best rides in and around Melbourne. Read below to find out our picks! 

1. Capital City Trail

Start location: Inner City Melbourne 

Difficulty: Low


Capital city trail is a shared bike path that loops around the inner north suburbs all the way to the Docklands. It travels along the Yarra River and along Merri Creek, taking you through North Fitzroy and Brunswick. Along the way you’ll get the chance to have a bite at Lentils as Anything in Abbotsford, then have a wander around Collingwood Children’s farm or the Melbourne Zoo. The capital city trail is one of the best ways to see the city! 

2. Eltham to Kinglake

Start location: Eltham Train Station

Difficulty: High


Next on the list is one that will take you through the urban areas of Northern Melbourne all the way to the Kinglake National Park. A personal favourite of NFC mechanic Tim, this ride offers plenty of options depending on what you want to do. The main drag is a long climb up to the township of Kinglake, with a well deserved coffee waiting for you at the peak. This section takes you through the Kinglake National Park where you can take in the fresh air and beautiful surroundings. This route takes you through many picturesque towns so be sure to make a day of it. If you are from out of town and want a taste of Victorian country-side, this is the trip for you.

3. Yarra Trails

Start Location: Main Yarra Trail, Fairfield Boathouse 

Difficulty: Moderate


The Yarra Trails are a set of single track routes that run along the Main Yarra Trail. Created by locals, these trails have evolved into a network of Mountain Bike trails ranging from beginner to expert, all for you to explore. Although you can use maps created on apps like Strava, the best way to experience the Yarra Trails is to just take a ride on the Main Yarra Trail and jump onto any single track you see beside the main trail. 

4. Beach Road

Start Location: Inkerman St/Barkly St 

Difficulty: Moderate


Here is the one that everyone was expecting, Beach Road is the most popular route for Road Cyclists in Melbourne. It makes sense as to why, the stretch from St Kilda to Mordialloc is a flat, fast road that runs along (who’d have guessed it) the beach! With plenty of cafes along the way, idyllic scenery and plenty of other cyclists to make friends with, this route has everything a cyclist could desire. It starts only 6km out of the CBD and is a very convenient jaunt no matter where in the city you are from.

5. Yarra Boulevard

Start Location: Studley Park Road, Yarra Boulevard turnoff

Difficulty: Moderate


This next one is a favourite of North Fitzroy Cycles one that the team has ridden hundreds of times. The Yarra Boulevard is a plethora of twists and turns with harsh climbs and blistering descents. With brilliant views of the city and surrounding park land, the boulevard is a great spot for both a ride and a photo shoot. Also, Pumps and tubes are available along the way if you get a puncture! If this sounds like the ride for you then come along on our shop ride, we leave from the rear of North Fitzroy Cycles, usually on Saturday mornings. Chuck us a message on Facebook or give us a call for more details! Until further notice our shop ride is road only, so a road bike with drop bars is a requirement. 

A beginners guide to commuting!

Why should you ride to work? 

Well this is a question that I get a lot, why commute on a bicycle? I mean you can just catch the train! I get it, no one likes having to exercise early in the morning, and it can be difficult to actually take the plunge. I think for most people it’s because they haven’t had the chance to know what it’s like to commute on a good bike, and so they believe that cycling is something that is always difficult, but believe it or not, not every bike has to have suspension forks.  The thing is, if you are feeling apprehensive about your ability, you shouldn’t! Your main goal is to get to work, and any person in the world can keep a bike moving forward, just gotta keep on pedaling! You’ll get stronger and stronger and before you know it you won’t even notice the hills. Let’s not forget, people who ride everyday experience other benefits. Riding to work leads to a substantially lower risk of cancers and cardiovascular disease, it’s one of the most practical ways to keep fit and stay healthy.


Another reason is it’s fun! When you are on a bike, you aren’t able to get lost in your phone sifting through Facebook and as a result your brain is much more active, you take notice of the things around you. You might see something interesting you never would have seen on the train. You have time to think, to breath some fresh air, time to mentally prepare yourself to face your coworkers. This gives you a fresh mind starting work, you’ll feel happier and you have a larger break between your bed and your workplace. When you get there you might even find that you don’t need that coffee, what with all that blood pumping around your body. 

And don’t get me started on how cheap it is. Let’s do some quick maths, the cost of an adult Myki daily ticket is $8.60, times that by 20, the amount of days you’d probably take Public transport comes to $172 per month, assuming you catch public transport 5 days a week. If you invested into a commuter bike with average price around $600-700 depending on what you like the look of, it would take a little more than 4 months for your bike to pay for itself, every month after, you make $172. At the same time, you are becoming more fit and more healthy and (probably) more happy. It’s like being paid to go to the gym! 

Now that I’ve convinced you to buy a commuter, you need to decide which one! To help you get through this difficult time, I have surveyed my pals at NFC and asked them what their favorite commuter would be. But keep in mind there are plenty more to choose from! Head over to our store and check out our extensive commuter range.

trace 45 2016

Tim: Specialized Roll. It’s a solid bike. Designed with your comfort in mind, this bike will take you anywhere. If you are the type of person who enjoys a speedy ride to work, this bike isn’t for you… but if you like to leave a bit earlier and take it slow, you’ll find your best friend in the Roll. It’s available in a standard style and a low entry version, meaning we have something that will work for anybody. 

Mike: The Specialized Sirrus, The great thing about this bike is it’s premium aluminium frame. The higher quality aluminium means that you will enjoy excellent power transfer, meaning that each pedal stroke gives you the maximum return. Combined with Specialized Body Geometry components, each ride will be very comfortable and enjoyable. 

Jonathan: Fixie/Single Speed. 100%. These bikes are for all intents and purposes, bomb proof. The steel is strong, it has no gears which means it’s so simple you barely need to service it and it’s pretty light too. At $399 this bike pays for itself in no time at all.


Now this is the point where you are in danger of spending too much money. So I’m going to do you a favour and tell you the essentials

  • Helmet – The Specialized Align for $9o is a great choice, very comfortable and light weight. Not to be forgotten is the MIPS system which allows for more movement in a crash, protection your neck along with your head. 
  • Lock – Spend money on the lock. No question. There’s no point in buying a bike if it gets stolen two weeks later. At North Fitzroy Cycles we have a great range to choose from with brands such as AbusOnguard and Kryptonite. Generally U-Bolts are the simplest and most effective. $40-120
  • Lights – Usually anything will do, but try to get something mid range for better battery life, Cygolite is my recommendation. Just remember to take them off when you lock the bike! $25-100
  • Mudguards – This really depends on which bike you choose, but most are around $30 or so. Just need one that fits! Check out the Zefal range and also SKS!

And the non-essentials (up to debate) 

  • Phone Mount – This is mainly used for GPS, I recommend Quadlock, very secure and they come with a high quality case to protect your phone when you aren’t on the bike! 2 birds 1 stone! $69.95
  • Chain Lube – Generally good to have around the house, 1 bottle will last a long time and lubing your chain regularly will mean your gears work much better and your chain lasts longer, so when you do have your bike serviced you are less likely to need to replace your chain, saving you even more money! $14.95 for Rock n Roll Gold and you are set to clean and lubricate.
  • Gloves – In winter and summer gloves are important. A pair of finger-less gloves will be cool in summer and provide you with more support. In winter a pair of winter gloves go a long way and keep you warm and dry on those chilly days ~$30
  • Bottle Cage – We’ll chuck one in for free with the purchase of a bicycle 😉 
  • Rack and Panniers – Basically, while a backpack will do the job, on the longer rides they can become quite uncomfortable, so a rack and pannier bag will make you much more comfortable and provide you will much more storage space on your bike. Ortlieb offer a huge range of bags for every kind of bike. $170-200.
  • Bicycle Shorts – Bike seats can be uncomfortable, but you can get used to it. Bike shorts help reduce friction and provide padding. $39

To get started commuting to work is one of the easiest things you could do and one of the best decisions you may make. With an extensive range of commuting gear and commuter bicycles, the team at North Fitzroy Cycles is always available for a chat. Come have a test ride! 

Stephen, Anthony and the Tour de France

When my brother Steve said to me in April “we should follow the Tour de France next year!” I’m pretty sure I said “Great! What sort of motorbike will you be riding?!”

We had last ridden road bikes in our 20’s, when heavy chromoly bike frames were king, and woollen jerseys and toe clips were cool. After a quick search on the web and realising how much times had changed, Steve and I decided we needed help.

That’s when we stuck our head in the door of North Fitzroy Cycles, we needed to learn about the latest bike technology. We introduced ourselves to Alfie, who immediately made us feel welcome and took the time to understand our cycling plan and needs.

Alfie talked us through our bike options – materials, comfort, price, and quality – and his encyclopaedic knowledge from 20+ years of racing and riding was immediately apparent.

Alfie recommended to us the Felt F85, a high quality, lightweight and comfortable bike. Perfect for us as we started riding and counting miles in our legs!

The North Fitzroy Cycles weekly shop ride has been a great way to make friends and meet fellow enthusiasts and it’s great to get out for a fun social ride on a Saturday morning. Even if Alfie never stops talking!

Felt F85

Lou, Tim, Jon and Alfie from North Fitzroy cycles always have great advice about bicycle set-up, clothing and equipment choices, and training. We’ve been looked after every step of the way with bike adjustments and accessories, and Steve and I are very grateful for the support from the whole North Fitzroy Cycles team.

We’re now planning a bunch of riding events in Victoria before next July. What started out as a mission for the Tour de France has become a fun way to exercise and get fit, and we’ve already met fellow enthusiasts and friends in just a few weeks.

Alpe d’ Huez, here we come!

Steve and Anthony.

The Tour de France is a grueling race,
covering 3,329 kilometres it will take the riders 21 days to complete. The race will include cobbled sections, intense climbs and blistering descents. 

The Tour is one of the most famous bike races in the world, known for it’s difficulty.

The route of the Tour de France

Le Tour

The Fondriest Story

In the beginning….

Maurizio Fondriest was born in Cles, Trentino. Fondriest turned professional in 1987 and collected countless successes during his career. In 1988, at the age of 23, Fondriest won the World Cycling Championships as well as stages in the Tour de Suisse and Tirreno–Adriatico. In 1991, riding for Panasonic, he won the UCI Road World Cup and then In 1993, riding for the Lampre team, he won Milan–San Remo, La Flèche Wallonne, the Züri-Metzgete, the Giro dell’Emilia, the general classification and two stages of Tirreno–Adriatico, three stages and the general classification of the Grand Prix du Midi Libre, a stage in the Giro d’Italia and the overall World Cup. He had another successful season with Lampre in 1995: in that year, he won a stage in the Giro d’Italia and came in second in many other races (the Tirreno–Adriatico general classification, Milan–San Remo, Gent–Wevelgem, La Flèche Wallonne, and a stage in the Giro d’Italia).

Fondries world

The birth of an Italian iconic brand….

Maurizio retired in 1998 after riding for Cofidis for three years, and turned to manufacturing bicycles under the brand name Fondriest. Although a back injury forced him into early retirement in 1999, Maurizio is still active today. Living in Cles, with his wife Ornella and their two daughters, Maurizio still rides 5,000 miles a year.

To this day, Maurizio Fondriest has remained a great fan of cycling but the life of a great champion needs to carry on into the future and therefore Maurizio now transfers all his advice and experience to numerous up-and coming young cyclists through his extraordinary example.

Ever since he started putting his name on the first frames, he realized that every single detail of the bicycle would have to reflect his personality and professionalism. Careful and meticulous about the technical aspect of bicycles, Fondriest set his focus on the search for the “perfect” geometry. Using his vast experience as a rider, he began to design bicycles with rider ergonomics as the basis of form. This is the philosophy that Maurizio Fondriest looks for and final achieves in every one of his bicycles.

Maunizio Fondris

Sponsorship and accolades….

Over the past years, Fondriest focused on the high-end road racing scene, starting with supplying bikes to the Roslotto squad (of which he was a member) and quickly forged a reputation for building high-quality frames.The Italian then went northwest, sponsoring Division II team Palmans in 1999. And for the 2000 season, Fondriest began to supply riders from French outfit Cofidis. That team had a star-studded line-up that included Lance Armstrong, Tony Rominger, Bobby Julich and Kevin Livingston, and the popularity of Fondriest’s frames grew several fold – especially when Julich launched himself onto the Paris podium after his incredible ride at the 1998 Tour de France. Fondriest renewed his association with one of his former teams by kitting out the riders from Team Lampre at the start of the 2000 season. Lampre’s biggest wins while riding Fondriest bikes have been Gilberto Simoni’s victory in the 2001 Giro d’Italia, and Raimondas Rumsas’ third place overall in the Tour de France..

In 2001, Fondriest began producing carbon-fibre frames in conjunction with the Minardi F1 team technicians in Imola Italy. Today, Fondriest Bicycles are manufactured in Cavarzere, Italy, at the Esperia Factory.



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