CygoLite Dash 460 Combo Light Set USB

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    Dash 460
    Sleek, stylish and supremely powerful, the Dash 460 from Cygolite will pierce through the night and elevate your adrenaline to a new level. Engineered specifically for road cyclists, the highly efficient lens enables extra wide, long range beams, maximizing your line of sight for the sake of safety and functionality. Versatile and compatible with most handlebars (including aerobars), the Dash 460 uses a flexible low profile mount that is as easy to put on as it is to take off. Exceptional night capabilities are essential, but the Dash also delivers attention grabbing quad DRL’s (Daytime Running Lights) to help you stand out even in broad daylight.

    Hotshot Micro 30
    With a continuous array of LEDs that blast lightning like flashes, the Hotshot Micro 30 will allow you to stand out in broad daylight or under the cover of darkness. Never miss a stroke with this awesome combo set.
    CygoLite Dash 460 Combo Light Set USBCygoLite Dash 460 Combo Light Set USB
    CygoLite Dash 460 Combo Light Set USB

    CygoLite Dash 460 Combo Light Set USB

    • FRONT DASH 460 USB
    • • 460 lumen light with 8 modes including low, medium, high, boost, steady pulse, Quad DRL steady, Quad DRL flash
    • • and Day Lightning modes
    • • Side light ports further highlight your presence
    • • USB rechargeable internal battery lasts up to 63 hours
    • • Low battery indicator alerts you when a charge is needed
    • • Light mode memory saves the mode you're in before the light is turned off
    • • Low profile, water resistant design only weighs 75 grams
    • • Versatite flexible mount conveniently attaches to handlebars including aerobars
    • • Run times: Low: 10hr Med: 3hrs High: 1:30hrs Boost: 1hrs SteadyPulse: 3hrs Quad DRL Steady: 8:30hrs Quad DRL Flash: 63hrs DayLightning: 9hrs
    • • Charge time: 3hrs
    • • Weight: Rear 75g
    • REAR Hotshot Micro 30 USB
    • • Powerful 30 lumens flashing, 2 watt LED
    • • Enhanced Cycling Optics scatters the beam to maximize your visual presence from a wider angle
    • • 5 modes: Single Flash - Zoom - SteadyPulse - Steady Beam - Group Mode (Dimmer mode for riding in a group)
    • • Run times: Single Flash 18hrs, Zoom 16hrs, SteadyPulse 16hrs, Steady Beam 3:30hrs, Group Mode 100+hrs
    • • SteadyPulse's steady beam helps motorists better gauge their distance
    • • from you while the overlapping pulses keep them alert of your presence
    • • Sturdy and flexible Versatite mount attaches to most seat posts and seat stays, including aero styles
    • • USB rechargeable Li-ion battery
    • • Water resistant design
    • • Low battery indicator
    • • Weight: Rear 35g

    PRICE: $119.00 Inc GST

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