Bkool Smart Trainers

Ian Campbell - Saturday, September 16, 2017
Bkool Smart Trainers

Having read the news that Bkool is set to release their new Smart Air + directdrive trainer, we thought that it would be a great idea to let you know a little bit about Bkool and why we love their products. It is easy to understand why we like Bkool Smart Trainers as much as we do. They are just fantastic value without any compromise in quality and user friendliness.

From your first ride on a Bkool Smart Trainer you are instantly hooked! Training indoors is no longer a chore and it is the interactive cycling simulator which is the primary reason for this sensation. Bkool’s Smart Trainers use the latest in advances in biomechanics, hardware and software technology to revolutionise indoor training and allow you to get the best results from your training whilst having one hellava fun time.

Many would ask, given the abundance of choice that we have in the Smart Trainer market, why would I buy a Bkool Trainer? Well… The Bkool trainer is a high-end product that costs about less than half what other high-end trainers cost and with more thrown into the Bkool Pro package such as FREE a riser block, a FREE Ant+ USB stick to connect your device and a FREE 12-month premium subscription to Bkool’s Simulator Premium, thus making this a mind-blowing deal. The 12 months Free subscription to Simulator Premium can save you up to $180 as most other virtual training Apps can cost up to $15 per month.

As stated on the Bkool website the “trainer includes a simulator with advanced software that will let you, for example, select from over 500,000 routes or hundreds of videos and ride with your friends from home. These days, a trainer without a simulator is a thing of the past.”’ And Bkool’s 3D simulator experience which has been developed using their exclusive technology allows you to ride simulated routes from anywhere on earth and accurately replicate the actual terrain. An experience which is second to none!

All in all, the Bkool smart trainer line-up will be a staple here at North Fitzroy Cycles and we will continue to enjoy introducing you to them. So, if you are in the market for a smart trainer, come down and test one out and please check out the video we made. In the meantime, we will wait with great anticipation for the release of the new Smart Air +.



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